Toll Debind &
Sinter Services

DSH offers the ability to rent its equipment either short term or for an occasional overcapacity run.

In some cases, MIM parts producers prefer not to invest in the time, equipment and manpower associated with debind and sinter equipment. As a result, DSH offers them the ability to rent its equipment by lot of contract for short term requirements or an occasional overcapacity run. In additional, new companies entering the MIM industry will have DSH run their parts until their own production volume justifies the purchase of MIM equipment or while they are waiting for their furnace to be manufactured.


First Stage Debinding

1 – CD 3045 Oven: Catalytic Debinding for Polyacetal based feedstock
1 – SD 3045 Oven: Solvent Debinding for Wax based Feedstocks
1 – Water Debinder
1 – Thermal Debinder

Second Stage Debinding and Sintering

2 – MIM3045T Furnaces:
■ Hi-Vacuum Capable
■ Up to 1,600ºC in H2 and 1,650ºC in Ar, N2 or Vacuum
■ Equipped with 12 Survey Thermocouples that can be used up to 1,250ºC

Laboratory Equipment

■ Helium Pycnometer
■ Carbon Analyzer
■ Oxygen Analyzer

■ Metallography Equipment
■ Machine Shop/Welding